G2 general laser The weapons that this page is describing are the weapons that are possible additions to the Starships. In particular, each ship has slots for characters and weapons. Typically, the weapons slots are filled with either a Green-Phaser, a Red-Torpedo, or a White-Shield addition.

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Summary Edit

Currently, there are 27 weapons in the file-system... As labelled, this is apportioned as follows:...

The Original Series Starships Edit


Federation Edit

  • +3 Red Photon Torpedoes R3 tos federation photon torpedo
  • +2 Green Phasers G2 tos federation phaser
  • +2 White Shield Cells (blue) S2 tos federation shield cell

Klingon Edit

  • +3 Red Plasma Torpedoes R3 tos klingon plasma torpedo
  • +2 Green Lasers G2 tos klingon laser
  • +2 White Shield Cells (red) S2 tos klingon shield cell

Romulan Edit

  • +3 Red Quantum Torpedoes R3 tos romulan quantum torpedo
  • +2 Green Phase Cannons G2 tos romulan phase cannon
  • +2 White Shield Cells (purple) S2 tos romulan shield cell

Vulcan Edit



  • +3 Red Photon Torpedoes (green arm) R3 tos vulcan cannon
  • +2 Green ?? Pulse Cannons G2 tos vulcan laser
  • +2 White ?? Vulcan Shield S2 tos vulcan shield cell

General Edit

  • +2 Green Lasers G2 general laser

The Next Generation Starships Edit


Trivia Edit

  • these items are in the process of updating, so it is possible that you might have weapons labelled the 'old' way if they were added to your ships prior to around mid-july 2017...

Federation Edit

  • +3 Red Gravimetric Torpedoes R3 tng federation gravimetric torpedoes
  • +2 Green Phasers G2 tng federation phaser
  • +2 White Shield Cells (green) S2 tng federation (NOT romulan) shield cell

Klingon Edit

  • +3 Red Photon Torpedoes R3 tng klingon photon torpedo
  • +2 Green Pulse Cannons G2 tng klingon pulse cannon
  • +2 White ?

Romulan Edit

  • +3 Red Spatial Torpedoes R3 tng romulan spatial torpedo
  • +2 Green Plasma Cannons G2 tng romulan plasma cannon
  • +2 White ?

Cardassian Edit

  • +3 Red Positron Torpedoes R3 tng cardassian positron torpedo
  • +2 Green Disrupter G2 tng cardassian disrupter
  • +2 White Shield Cells (pink) S2 tng cardassian shield cells

Borg Edit

  • +3 Red ?? R3 tng borg cannon
  • +2 Green ?? G2 tng borg laser
  • NEW - +2 White Borg Shields (purple box) S2 tng borg shield borg
  • OLD - +2 White Shield Cells (red) S2 tng borg (NOT klingon) shield cell

Ferengi Edit

  • +2/+3 Red, Green, or White ?

General Edit

  • +2 Green Lasers G2 general laser

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