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Star Trek Wrath of Gems is a mobile game for iOS and android with a simple match-the-gems gameplay. However ST:WoG has lots of other details to explore and understand. This wikia is hopefully a way to help increase that understanding.


Here are a set of goals, that I have had for this wikia/fandom space...

  1. Document all of the Playable Characters and Ships in the Game
    • status: afaict, all items are in the data-modules, but the code to auto-populate the ships is still in development... all the crew pages are accessible via the collections top-menu or searching or ...
  2. Describe how the game works for newer/unfamiliar players
    • status: this still needs a LOT of work... i started some of the writeups in the gameplay top-menu but have not fleshed them out... in particular it has been difficult to determine what is best needed... so please go to Questions and edit the page, so that i (or someone else) can help figure out what would be most beneficial to work on next...
  3. Provide a place for players of the game to communicate
    1. to each other, for instance - regarding Alliances...
    2. to the universe, for instance - to document their current Archive-Collection...
    3. to ???, for instance - to ask for game-features or ???
    • status: feel free to send messages any way that makes sense - since right now, afaict, i (harold) am the only person around most of the time...  :-)

The next question is, what would YOU like from this space...

  1. At this point, there are 85/85 characters, 28/28 starships, 10/10 storylines, 5/5 events, and 0/??? arenas that have some documentation...
  2. Looking at the Calendar, maybe it is time to start documenting the arenas ?
  3. The game seems to take forever to grind up each character/ship to higher levels - are there any shortcuts (besides spending a whole lot of money) available to make things go faster ?
  4. Maybe there is something that this space can become - that just needs the outside input of a new user like YOU to make it happen...
  5. There might not be much there, but tbd... has a link to project:spoilers...

As the experts at wikipedia would say Be Bold !!! Hfelton (talk) 10:43, May 12, 2017 (UTC)

Other ReferencesEdit

  1. Exact-Game's Webfront
    1. Exact-Game's Help Area
    2. Reddit Discussions
  2. Genera-Games = Creator
  3. CBS-Paramount-StarTrek = Licensor
  4. Facebook News/Fansite
  5. Apple Play Store
  6. Google Play Store

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