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Color can refer to a game-gem, a crew-skill, or a ship-feature - depending upon context.

Crew or CharacterEdit

Crew are the human (or other living-race) beings in the game. Crew or characters are held in one area of the game - as opposed to Starships.

  • Crew members typically have Skills (also called Abilities or Powers)
  • Crew members follow the Tier and Level structure

F Edit


Features are the extra powers that a Starship has (typically 3 color features are available) which are used inside the Starship Mini-game. A feature becomes activated by matching 6 to 15 gems of that color during the mini-game. Once activated, that feature can be used (before your turn) to boost-damage, recover-health, rearrange-the-board, etc. During the Starship Mini-game, the colors Red, Green, and White will activate Torpedos, Phasers, and Shields - so they are not used for Features to avoid double-duty. Thus, there are only 4 Colors used for Starship Features: Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Purple.

L Edit


Level is the numerical ranking of a Crew member or Starship. Typically, the levels start at 1 and increase thru the player spending crystals or coins. Eventually, a maximum Level is reached for the Tier; but before that happens, there are typically many sub-Tier barriers. Sub-Tier barriers on the Levels typically require Evolving the character or ship.

S Edit


Skills are the extra powers that a Character has (typically 3 color skills are available) which are used inside the Character Mini-game. A skill becomes activated by matching 6 to 15 gems of that color during the mini-game. Once activated, that skill can be used (before your turn) to boost-damage or recover-health or rearrange-the-board or ... The color green is not used in the Character Mini-game. Thus, there are 6 Colors used for Character Skills: Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Blue, and Purple.

Starships or ShipsEdit

Starships are the mechanical (or non-living) containers for the Crew inside the game. Ships are held in a second area of the game - as opposed to Crew members.

  • Starships can contain Crew members
  • Starships can contain Weapons (offensive [photon-torpedos] or defensive [shields]) which will increase their Abilities or Powers
  • Starships followv the Tier and Level structure.

T Edit


Tier is the word used to categorize Crew and Starships. Current Tiers are 1, 2, and 3.

  1. Tier-1 characters and ships are the basic starter items in the game. They typically start and Level 1 and are able to upgrade (eventually) to Level 49 or 50.
  2. Tier-2 characters and ships are occasional reward items in the game. As the player advances and gets Recruit possibilities, the basic Packs will drop Tier-1 and Tier-2 items. They start at Level 10 and upgrade (eventually) to Level 94 or 95.
  3. Tier-3 characters and ships are only available with extended playing or PTW possibilities. Another way to get these items is through Alliance rewards after Events or Arena contests end. They start at Level 40 and upgrade (eventually) to Level 165, I believe.

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