There are several primary Category:Colors in the game. In basic rainbow-order they are:

Each color is used as Gems in the mini-games. The six crew-gems (Red Yellow Blue White Purple Orange) are used in both the Crew-battles and the Diplomacy-battles. Whereas the Ship-battles use seven colors (red/white replaced and green added).

The other major use for colors is to identify either Skills (for a character) or Features (for a starship). Typically, each crew member will have 3 color-skills that can be upgraded. Similarly, each starship will have 3 color-features that can be upgraded. Oddly, there are only 2 colors (rather than 3 colors) for exactly four Tier-1 characters' skills:

  1. Ensign Chekov
  2. Lt. Uhura
  3. Lt. Alvaro
  4. Batahr

(following sums/logic do not reference latest 2 crew + 2 ships since may-2017)...

Thus, we end up with the following sums per color (in the categories)

  • Red: 43 crew members
  • Orange: 38 crew + 19 ships = 57 total
  • Yellow: 38 crew + 20 ships = 58 total
  • White: 36 crew members
  • Green: 0, since only used for phasers...
  • Blue: 38 crew + 19 ships = 57 total
  • Purple: 40 crew + 14 ships = 54 total

which needs to match up with the following sums per-character/starships

  • Crew - 79 total
    • Tri-color: 75 => 225
    • Bi-color: 4 ==> 8
  • Ships - 24 total
    • All are Tri-color => 72

Both sums yielding 305 color-categorized-items total...  :-)


This category has the following 7 subcategories, out of 7 total.


  • [×] Blue(61 P)





  • [×] Red(45 P)



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